How to RDP from Android to Virtual Desktop

There are a number of free RDP¬†applications that are available on¬†Android Play Store. We recommend Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Connection client as it supports the latest RemoteFX technology which helps better screen rendering. (Steps and applications are similar for iPhone / iPad.)

You can even consider 2x free RDP Client or Thin Stuff RDP Client also. Thin Stuff & Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Connection client support RD Gateway with their free versions.

Steps to Install RDP client and access Virtual Desktop using RDP from Android:

1. Open Play Store and search for any one of the following terms in the applications category:

  • Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Connection
  • 2x RDP free
  • ThinStuff RDP
  • RDP client

2. Review the application details and install it.

3. Once you open the application, enter the Virtual Desktop server name, username & password as provided to you.

      The following steps may vary based on the app used and version.


      a. Open the App and Under Manual Connections, click on Add Connection.


    b. Host is the server name provided in the welcome email. Enter the alternate login information provided in your welcome email. Use the back key and Click on Advanced at the bottom.

4. Now open the connection that you just added to logon to your virtual desktop.