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Virtual Desktops, VDI, Online hosted Remote desktop – What is it?

VDI, Virtual Desktop, Hosted Desktop, Online Desktop and Remote Desktops would all mean almost the same. Some even call it Virtual Remote Computer, Internet Hosted Computer, Online Computer, Internet Desktop, etc. In some cases there may be a slight technical difference between these terms. Virtual desktops or VDI are hosted in remote data centers so that they are available online using internet 24*7*365 from anywhere. This online virtual desktop is not team viewer or go to meeting but your own virtual workstation hosted on the internet for you to access it anytime from anywhere. Its like a Full screen Windows PC that you can connect to from any supported computer, cell / mobile phone, tab, etc.


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How can I access my Internet Hosted Desktop or Cloud Desktop?

You can connect to our Virtual Hosted Desktops from any computer with most operating systems, thin clients or even hand held devices like iPhone, iPad, Android Tab or phone using an internet connection. Our Microsoft Windows Hosted Desktop product using Remote Desktop Services / VDI can be accessed using Windows, Mac and Linux computers. Hand held devices like iPad, iPhone, Tabs / Tablets and mobile / cell phones using Android and any other RDP supporting application can also be used to access your Virtual Desktop with us. Thin clients can also be used.


Why do I need an Online Remote Desktop or Hosted Windows Computer?

A Windows PC / workstation / computer which is hosted in a data center gives you many benefits. Its more secure, faster, easier to use and cheaper than a traditional local computer. There is no separate maintenance / upgrade cost for software or hardware that comes bundled unlike your local computer. You would even be less worried about slow performance / data loss / backups or malware with our Cloud Virtual Desktops. In addition you even get the benefit of accessing your internet hosted personal computer using Remote Desktop any time from any Windows, Apple Macintosh or Linux computer or Android Tabs, Mobile & Cell Phones, etc. Thus if you are using a Mac, Linux, Android phone and needed a Full Windows computer or an application that runs on Microsoft Windows PC, example – Internet Explorer browser, Microsoft Office, Zip, etc then the online hosted remote computer will be of help. Even Windows computer users benefit as instead of the local computer a cloud desktop available on the internet can be accessed anytime from anywhere unlike their home or office workstation. With the Virtual Cloud desktops we offer, there is no problems such as operating system crash, hard disk failure, or other hardware failure as it happens on home and office computers. If you are an employer, you can start the Bring your own device (BYOD) trend securely in your office too with our Virtual Desktop solutions and stay ahead of the competition.

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